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Marble tile has been an integral part of civilization since the beginning of architectural time. For thousands of years it's natural beauty has been utilized in sculpted art and building structures, gracing all elements of human construction. The enduring strength and range of color variation fascinates the human population as we observe the past through ancient ruins and creatively design a solid future.

Do you believe that using marble tiles for residential and commercial construction is much better? And do you have any idea were marble originated?

Many years ago in the ancient history “marble tiles” play an important role as a building material. marble materials were used for the construction of some of the famous structures from the history of the Ancient world. marble tile has been used in building the courtyard of Caesar, and in the palaces of the Renaissance of Europe. The Greek Parthenon built in honor of the Goddess Athena, known as the Greek Goddess of craft and wisdom, is made up of marble tile too. And in 27 BC the Romans followed the Greeks in their use of marble tiles for building the floor structures of all their gods. The popular Taj Mahal is also made up with white marble during the period of 1633-1653 in honor of the departed pride of a noble man, and much more historical structures to mention.

marble tiles are usually used for residential applications especially in the bathroom area, kitchen area, hallways and foyers. But did you know that marble tiles are also used for commercial applications. marble tile has been proven for its quality for the different artistic style and elegance that it brings. In addition to that marble has stood a good reputation when it comes to durability as a decorative material.

The good reputation marble tile has endured for thousand of years. marble tile also plays a big role in making fine arts. It is known for its versatility in the construction and building of monuments or other sculptures. They say if you used marble tiles for any project, either it be commercial, residential, monuments or sculptures that means their meant to last. Nowadays marble tile is really demanding to all different applications in any projects.

Maybe many are wondering where marble originated. Well, marble tile belongs to the family of limestone. It has undergone many development processes while it is deep under the earth over millions of years. marble is considered to be a metamorphic rock. When you say metamorphic it means that it is subject with tremendous heat and pressure. Then it goes on a long process, which changes the rock from limestone to a marble.

Then marble is taken in a quarry to become a tile. In the quarry the marble is removed in big chunks and being cut. Then it is moved to a nearby mill where it is sawn to size. The process of marble tile undergone an organize process from grouping large marble tiles together and smaller tiles together. marble tiles are made from natural materials, which have variation of colors. Then lastly marble tiles are polished and check to make sure if there are no faults.

Since you know already the process of making a marble, it’s time for you to find out what are your practical benefits from marble. Well marble tiles can be viewed as a hypoallergenic choice for our floorings. marble tile is a great choice to accent an interior. Many artists, architectures and artisans, use marble tiles to create memorable and monumental artworks that would last for years.

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